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Director : Haronath chakrabarty

Cast : Prasanjit, Rituparna, Subhendu Chatterjee, Dipankar De, Nirmal Kumar, Arun Banerjee, Subhasish

A love story of Sudhanshu and Joysree which conveys a wonderful message to learn. Love should be unconditional and it should not be a basis of wealth and background. Dr. Ankhu, father of Sudhanshu after losing his first wife remarries Bonashri. She loves and supports  Sudhanshu in spite of being his step mother. While dating Joysree, Sudhanshu gets to know that she was an orphan brought up by three eunuchs. Nevertheless, this truth did not change Sudhanshu’s love for her. When he expressed his desire to marry Joysree, he was met with a sour face by his father. But all this while, his mother was always by his side. Meanwhile, Sudhanshu meets with a serious accident and the way Joysree looked after him, melted Dr. Ankhu’s heart. His fast recovery made Dr Ankhu realize that Joysree is the true one for Sudhanshu.