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Alik Sukh

Director : Nandita Roy & Shibaprasad Mukherjee

Cast : Rituparna Sengupta, Debshankar Haldar, Sohini Sengupta, Kharaj Mukherjee, Chitra Sen, Dolon Roy, Biswanath Basu.

The movie upholds the present scenario of the doctors in the city. Dr. Kingshuk Saha faces a huge problem due to his carelessness which caused the death of a pregnant lady named Kabita Mondol. She died a bitter death while Dr. Kingshuk who was supposed to operate her was busy with his own priority. Kabita’s husband Biswajit along with a horde of people created a fuss  in the hospital. Kingshuk’s wife Rumi  after this incident got so engrossed with it that she got driven  to imaginations of dead Kavita talking to her about her grief. She could not accept her husband’s fault. Kingshuk was basically a doctor who was more concerned about his lifestyle rather than ideals. This incident created a distance between Dr. Kingshuk and Rumi. Rumi who was also carrying a baby in her womb had a miscarriage and faced the similar circumstances like Kabita. It was then Kingshuk realized what he had done previously was similar to a murder. Kabita got cured but she lost her baby. Dr. Kingshuk promised to fulfill the oath he had taken in his medical career.