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Director : Tapan Saha

Cast : Smriti Inrani, Victor Bannerjee, Sangeeta Nandi, Mainak

The story depicts the life of a girl named Amrita who has been brought up in an ashram with good morals and principles. She falls in love with a man called Sanjeevan with whom she accidentally gets pregnant. On her insistence they get married. But  Amrita did not know what was in store for her. The results turned out to be disastrous when both her husband and her mother in law exploited her immensely. Years passed by, her son Anirban grew up to become a pain in the neck for Amrita. Sanjeevan falls for a girl who eventually leaves her. Amidst all this, Amrita and Sanjeevan have already started living their lives away from each other. Meanwhile, Amrita’s mother in law goes through a change of heart and supports her daughter in law rather than her son and leaves nothing to him in her will. Sanjeevan, after being left by his girlfriend realizes his mistakes and comes back to Amrita for forgiveness. He  tries to compensate all the wrongdoings being done to Amrita in a way that needs to be witnessed by all the viewers.