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The movie is about a conspiracy by Satya, a family physician of Biswajit. He wanted to take over all the property of Biswajit. So he used Sandhya as his weapon to trap Biswajit. Sandhya gets married to Biswajit and they have a daughter named Debashree. But Sandhya got killed by Satya when she refuses to kill Biswajit. Satya once again ...

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Swet Pathorer Thala

The story portrays the struggles faced by Bandana, a widow. Her husband Abhijit died in a car accident but because of their son, Bandana had to dress in colourful sarees rather than a white-clad. Bandana had to leave her in-laws house and she took shelter at her uncle Paresh Babu’s place. Days were passing by in peace. Time proved to ...

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Kali Amar Maa

The movie emphasizes on the faith in God. The girl named  Lakshmi and her father Shiba (a van driver) both r devotees of goddess Kali. Lakshmi’s stepmother Maloti, however, was not a trustworthy person. But Shiba always tried to safeguard Laksmi. It is often viewed in the movie that whenever any disaster falls upon the family, Lakshmi’s prayers always gets ...

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