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Director : Ajay Kar

Cast : Ranjeet Mullick, Aparna Sen, Debasree Roy, Swarup Dutta

A zamindar was happily married to Suryamukhi. But he was engrossed with the beauty of a young lady, Kunda. But because of Suryamukhi he could not marry Kunda. Kunda got married to Taracharan, an alcoholic who never valued her worth. After Tracharan’s death, the zamindar married Kunda. A problem arises when Suryamukhi leaves the house in depression. It was then, the zamindar realized the value of Suryamukhi in his life. Even after extensive searches, he could not find her. Zamindar started to get ill day by day, forgetting completely about Kunda. Kunda was also much upset because of her husband’s absence in her life for a long time. Things came to an end when Suryamukhi finally returned to the house and make the zamindar elated. On the other hand, Kunda was provoked to poison herself by a wicked servant. The story centres around the lives of three people and also how Kunda died a painful death.