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Bor Asbe Ekhuni

Director : Rangan Chakrabarty

Cast : Jishu, Koyel, Kanchan Mallick

Mitil embarks upon her journey of becoming an RJ from Siliguri with full support from her father. Initially, she was staying in a hostel but was searching for a house to stay on her own. Mitil finds a great friend in Bibi. One night, both of them visit a pub and there they accidentally meet Avik. Mitil in her drunken state tells Avik that she is in search of a man who would pretend to be her husband. Avik complies and they go through a false wedding ceremony. Avik and Mitil develop feelings for each other and realizing this Mitil thinks of ending this uncalled drama.

Mitil’s parents come to Kolkata without informing her and insist her on getting married. When she refuses, her father fakes a cerebral attack. Mitil agrees to get married. Amidst all these, Mitil’s father comes to know that both Mitil and Avik love each other profoundly. The father hatches a plan to unite both of them. On the day of her wedding, Mitil comes to know that Avik has met with an accident and runs to the hospital.

This movie is a sweet love tale with glimpses and touches humour that can be watched by all.