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Kalo Cheetah

Pradip Gurung (Sharad Kapoor) risks his life to earn 4 lakhs to save an orphanage. He is assigned to bring the photos of meeting of black leopards to industrialist Ramsundar Chhetri. Sujata (Rituparna) is a beautiful young lady who leaves her house after quarreling with her elder sister.

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Parakrami meaning the mighty is about a brave and kind doctor named Avinash. The story revolves around these characters, Dr. Avinash, Kanak, Bijuda and the landlord – Durjoti Babu. Dr Avinash is transferred to a remote village. Upon arriving there he realises the miserable state of the villagers. He learns that the plight of the villagers is due to the ...

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A businessman and his wife are killed by goons. The children escape, but are separated. The girl is raised by a lady doctor and the boy by a school teacher. Years later, Partho catches a thief who steals the handbag of a girl, who is actually Partho’s elder sister Urmila. A shocked Partho severs all ties with girlfriend Asha realizing ...

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It is a story revolving around Varam who is the sister of Annavaram. Annavaram marries his sister off to Shiva Balaji of Hyderabad. Aishwarya is the neighbour of Varam’s husband. Tapas Balu and Puranapool Ganga  are the goons in the city. Annavaram finds the city is full of goons. A threat from a goon to Shiva Balaji makes Sandhya frightened. ...

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A college-goer and his team find a mysterious stone which turns out to be a treasure map. Following puzzling events involving the disappearance of two documentary filmmakers; Arka, a college-goer, comes across a village where an ancient stone was recently discovered. He finds a primeval inscription on the stone and investigates with his paternal uncle and Barsha, a linguist. After ...

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Shibaji Sanyal (Dev) is a successful professional boxer, only to come crashing down after a near-fatal injury. Once a glorified sportsman on top of his game to the stoop of one whom life is treating like a punching bag. Fed up with the drudgery his life turns into, he decides to challenge his fate and rise again. The story of a ...

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