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Shapath – The Promise depicts the story of a dutiful police officer, Ranadeep Roy, a man dedicated to his country. The story starts when Ranadeep gets transferred to Ashokgarh with his wife and daughter, and indulges in a brawl with the antagonist of the story, MLA Bishnunarayan Reddy, whose son Akash rapes a girl named Dolly living in their neighborhood. Her immediate death increases the tussle between the ferocious MLA and ...

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Director B.V.S Ravi in his movie Badla Chai presents hero (Gopichand), who is pampered by his parents (played by Chandramohan and Jayasudha). The title BADLA CHAI actually refers to the  revenge of the heroine of the movie(Deeksha Seth). Gopichand is basically a vagabond and loves Deeksha Seth for saving his mother’s life once. But Deeksha does not feel the same ...

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The movie narrates the tale of the hero (played by Darshan), who earns his living by driving auto rickshaw. He loves a girl (played by Deepa Sannidhi).The story has a lot of mysterious facts regarding Deepa’s identity. A rival of Deepa (played by Ajay) desired to marry her and took her with him to the place where they lived. Darshan ...

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Goyenda Gogol

The script is based on Shonali Paharer Rahasya by Samaresh Basu. The director has made it much more interesting with the appearance of the youngsters. Gogol, a student of class six  is basically a fictional character who is adventurous, curious and better known as Goyenda Gogol. His face is adorned with spectacles and his bag consists of compass, magnifying glass, ...

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Directed by Swapan Saha, Takkar is the first movie produced by Zee motion pictures. The story presents Prosenjit as Ajoy and Rachana Banerjee as Chaitali. They love each other but their relationship is not accepted by Chaitali’s family because of the indifferences in status and wealth. Chaitali goes against her family and marries Ajoy but problems started to arise between ...

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