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The movie Amar Rakshak, directed by P. Basu is based on a mysterious painting of Nagavalli, which is responsible for many deaths. The painting when reached as a reward to the dancer Saraswathi’s house, it made the lives of her family members a miserable one. She even lost her husband and her mental stability too. Everyone remained clueless about the ...

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Uttam was brought up by his mother single-handedly who worked as a domestic help at the zamindar’s house. She falls sick and Uttam goes to the zamindar anticipating some help but is refused any. Due to lack of treatment his mother passed away. Uttam in his rage puts the Zamindar’s house into flames and escaped to Kolkata. Uttam is always at ...

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The movie centers on a fun loving boy (played by Ravi Krishna). He is not at all ambitious or concerned about his career. His parents were very fond of him. Problem in the story arises, when the sister (played by Tamannah) of an anti social turned minister (Atul Kulkarni) came to the college where Ravi studied. Tamannah was a pamepered ...

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Teja in his film brings out the change of innocence to vengeance. Gopichand played the role of a powerful underworld leader who once removed Jaya Prakash Reddy from that place. Gopichand  gives fake charges on an honest fire officer Ranganath to take revenge from him. Ranganath was a simple man who tried to save the marketplace from Gopichand who intended ...

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Jr.NTR has played the double role of both the father and son in this action thriller movie. The movie narrates the tale of a hard working leader of labour Shonkor (Jr.NTR), who went into a clash with a big gangster from the underworld (Sayaji Shinde). Shonkor as time passed by became a gangster. Sayaji Shinde in this process murdered Shonkor ...

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Kali, a local gangster gets away with all the criminal activities because he is under the safe shelter of the officer in charge of the police station, Pritam. The locality is always alarmed with the fear of Kali. Anyone who comes in his way or raises his voice against him, is finished off. Rohit, the hero of the film loses ...

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Even after being an inspector, Ritesh feels helpless because his niece is unable to speak since she has had a mental setback in the form of her father’s death. Ritesh’s widowed mother and sister-in-law are in nowhere after the big loss. The ruffians were a constant disturbance to the family. In this atmosphere the entrance of Marshal was like a ...

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Kolkata- The City of Joy, is a “target” for a gang of terrorists. The story carries the heroism of two  persons Surya and Ganga. Surya who was assigned to the duty of imprisoning the culprits responsible for the explosion that shook the city and its inhabitants were in the grip of fear. Ganga was a hardworking lad and believed in ...

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