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Starring actors like Mithun Chakraborty, Rambha, Biplab Chatterjee, Cheetah at the very rudimentary level is a revenge tale. Rudranil Mukherjee, son of Subhomoy Mukherjee is newly out of jail and is on a killing spree. Rudranil’s sister, Neela Mukherjee is a police officer and is unaware of her brother’s intentions. Rudranil intends to punish all the three – Raghav, Srivastav ...

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Dipak, also known as Baadshah has graduated and wants to do something worthy for himself. Dipak, though being poor has been encouraged by his father to study further. Dipak’s friends suggest him to stand for the upcoming election opposite Sunil. Dipak is also threatened by Sunil. Sunil referring to his influential background ensures that Dipak gets suspended from college. Sunil and ...

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An illicit love affair between Khusboo and her maternal uncle Jayaram infuriates the whole family. Khusboo’s father fixed her marriage with Prakash Raj. But she went against her father’s decision and married Jayaram. Jayaram was not financially stable as Khusboo’s father(Vijayakumar) was. Khusboo’s father disowned her daughter from his empire. On the other hand Prakash Raj couldn’t bear the rejection ...

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Barood, a film by Soumik Haldar is about the lives of two youngsters, Jui and Shaon. Jui is an educated girl from a well to do background. Shaon, on the other hand is a laggard and spends his days by doing petty thievery. Shaon has two sisters. Jui is the only daughter of her parents. Jui encourages Shaon to complete ...

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It is a gripping story of a contract killer who has been commissioned a task in Kolkata. He arrives in the city with a target to kill three victims in the city – all top businessmen. However, he will receive his third and the final target on completion of the first two. After completing the first two targets successfully, he ...

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Amidst all bloodshed and violence, Pralay and Hiya fall for each other. Pralay, on the first hand, lost his father who saw a journalist being murdered by M.L.A Rajat’s men. Rajat does not hesitate to kill anyone who creates disruptions in his life. Pralay’s family members were all killed by Rajat, when he comes to realize about Pralay’s and Hiya’s ...

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