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Nilacholey Kiriti

Detective Kiriti Roy goes to Puri with his wife, for their honeymoon. There are a series of mysterious incidents in the city & Police discovers a dead body of a hotel attendant. Kali Sarker goes missing & Kiriti gets involved & starts investigation.

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Byomkesh Bakshi

The film opens on a small coalfield town. After being troubled by a series of unexplained events that occur suddenly, the owner of a coalmine in the small town seeks the help of Byomkesh Bakshi to sort out the problems that plague him. When Byomkesh arrives with his trusted confidante Ajit, they discover a maze of crimes that revolve around ...

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The movie narrates the tale of a sincere man (played by Jiiva). He and his friend run a book shop. He likes a girl who is a television reporter (played by Pooja). The problem arises when an industrialist from Malaysia (Seeman) tries to acquire that land and made Jiiva’s father sign on fake documents. However, the simpleton Jiiva fought with these ...

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The movie deals with two heroes Manmooty (I.A.S Officer ) and Suresh Gopi (I.P.S Officer) who saves the country from Pakistani militants. However, the central home minister appoints these two sincere officials to trap the residents who are also encouraging the outsiders to create a nuisance in the country. The two officers go through a lot of barriers, fights and ultimately ...

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Birat 22

Birat 22 promises to keep you on the edge of your seats with its intense storyline! A socially relevant story, tells the tale of a grandfather who has decided to tread the path of vengeance after his granddaughter is wronged by miscreants of the society. Is he successful in doing so or does he get caught? Watch the impeccable Soumitra ...

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