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The spirits of two siblings who were killed by an evil man seek to avenge themselves. While the woman possesses a young girl, her brother turns into a robot and together they wreak havoc on their foe.

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Paan Supari

Sunny aka Sandeep is a contract killer, a suave perfectionist who never leaves any trace of his crime. The transaction of money and information for his contracts happen through a paan shop run by Chaturvedi. Phooltushi is a pretty girl who has run away from her village to Kolkata. The naïve girl falls prey to a woman trafficking gang. Somehow ...

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“Dum Dum Digha Digha”, the hilarious sequel of one of the most popular Zee Bangla Cinema Originals, GutiMallar. After eight months of their marriage, Guti and Mallar are now in a mood to go for a honeymoon from Dum Dum to Digha. While they are enthralled by the thought of blue skies, sands and beaches Bhatkai, with his criminal mind, ...

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