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Achena Atithi

The movie highlights four characters Prem, Puja, Pratap and Ranjit. Puja  could not marry Prem because of an astrological problem that would risk Prem’s life. Puja eventually gets married to Pratap who loves her very much. Pratap passes away in an accident on their honeymoon which leaves Puja devastated. Ranima, Pratap’s mother adores Puja but, Puja did not tell anything ...

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This movie is an adaptation of O.Henry’s “The Gift of The Magi “. The protagonist here is the raincoat in which the truth is unfolded. Years back, Manu and Neeru  were smitten to each other. But now the scenario has changed. After six years they meet again in Kolkata. Manu is now out of business and Neeru too is not ...

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Raj Nartaki

Bikramjit, prince of Bijoygarh has a passion for music and falls for the court dancer Chandrima. Bijoygarh and Kanchannagar are two states which are constantly in conflict with each other. To make peace between the two, Acharya proposes to strike a matrimonial alliance between the two states. Both the kings were happy with this proposition.The eagerly wanted prince of Bijoygarh ...

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Sejo Bou

Aparesh Banerjee’s younger son Ayan loved Rupa who belonged to a rich family. Rupa’s father did not want his daughter to marry Ayan and humiliated Aparesh a lot. However, Ayan was sent abroad to study only by the sacrifice of Sima (daughter in law of Aparesh). But the main crisis came when Sima’s husband Amal passed away of a major ...

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Ajob Prem Ebong

Directed by Arindam Dey, this movie narrates the tale of Nakul, a bus conductor. Ananta, a young man comes under the wheels of the bus and loses his life. The bus is owned by a political leader. Since elections were knocking at the door, he hides the bus in a nearby forest, apprehensive of the consequences of the accident on ...

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Kumari Maa

Chief Justice’s son Tridev was in a relationship with Rita. She was carrying Tridev’s baby. Tridev had a party at his house where Rita reached with her son. In order to save his prestige, he accepted both of them for the time being. Tridev had a game plan going on in his mind. He tried to murder both Rita and ...

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