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Uro Chithi

At the centre of the film is Aniket (Indraneil) who wakes up drunken at a resort and reflects on his life in the past year. A year that has seen a slot of tension, betrayal, sadness and downs in life. Aniket reflects on each of the SMSes sent by certain people and certain incidents are shown based on interactions between ...

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Rosy a talented, beautiful actress once met a singer Amit and fell in love. Amit belonged to a middle class family and lived with his mother. Unfortunately, the internal politics of film industry went against Rosy. After a long battle, Rosy and Amit successfully overcame every obstacle and started to live their own life.

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150 years in the past, Aghor Sen, a genius scientist living in the village of Nischintipur invents a device that generates sound waves which can put any living being to sleep. The alien Vik exiled from the planet Nyapcha, lands with his space shuttle on the outskirts of Nischintipur. He gets to know about the machine & tries to steal ...

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Nikhil (Prosenjit) is in distress over his failures. His personal circumstances are in shambles and he’s defaulted on most of his obligations. His assistant asks him to make a commercial film to revive his career. He refuses and decides to make his own film by producing it himself. He convinces his father to mortgage their house. He receives a call from Subhash ...

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The film revolves around Piyal (Paoli) and her friends, young and struggling theater actors — their helpless and growing frustrations of not getting due recognition. Refusing to while her time with nitty-gritties of production work, Piyal decides to quit the established group she was working for. Her friends follow suit. And then, together they form a new group – Hoichoi. After ...

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Cross Connection 2

Two couples — Akaash and Imon, Vicky and Riya — are at different ‘cross’roads in life. Akaash’s priority is to get married, Imon wants to become a famous choreographer, Vicky aspires for roti, kapda and makaan and Riya dreams of a baby. What happens when their paths ‘cross’?

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