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Director B.V.S Ravi in his movie Badla Chai presents hero (Gopichand), who is pampered by his parents (played by Chandramohan and Jayasudha). The title BADLA CHAI actually refers to the  revenge of the heroine of the movie(Deeksha Seth). Gopichand is basically a vagabond and loves Deeksha Seth for saving his mother’s life once. But Deeksha does not feel the same ...

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Directed by Raj Mukherjee, this movie tells the story of four happy-go-lucky friends. The four friends bid adieu to each other after their college is over but, promises to stay in touch for years to come. Many years pass by, Mayukh and Aishwarya, children of two of the friends fall for each other. A gangster’s daughter Diya falls for Mayukh ...

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The movie revolves around a taxi driver, Bimal residing in a town. His only passion was his taxi (the old 1920 Chevrolet model). The movie depicts about Bimal’s everyday life. In this busy life, Bimal’s only partner is his taxi which, he named Jagaddal. Ritwick Ghatak directed this movie. The story is based on Subodh Ghosh’s short story. The movie ...

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The movie narrates the tale of a sincere man (played by Jiiva). He and his friend run a book shop. He likes a girl who is a television reporter (played by Pooja). The problem arises when an industrialist from Malaysia (Seeman) tries to acquire that land and made Jiiva’s father sign on fake documents. However, the simpleton Jiiva fought with these ...

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Amaler Cabin

“Amaler Cabin” is all about a family of four – mother, father, son and daughter. While the father despises the son’s choice on one hand, he is looking out for the right groom for his daughter, on the other! The drama and mayhem of arranging and breaking of the wedding plans, surely going to keep you glued to your seats.

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