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Best Friend

Friends are a part and parcel of our lives. There comes a stage in our life where friends become more integral to us than our parents. This particular movie deals with the nexus that Mainak, Sujoy and Arya shares. There comes a time in their life when their friendship is tried and tested. It is the time when Priti enters ...

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Avinash’s wife being a social worker won awards on parents’ approach to children. But she was so busy with her work that she never focused on her daughter Mamata. Maya brought up Mamata with motherly affection. Maya herself was an ill-fated woman who was thrown out of her house. Maya’s mother in law held her responsible for her husband’s (Anil) ...

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Anyay Abichar

The society has always made struggles of the poor harsh. Ghanashyam loved and wanted to marry Kadam, a simple girl the village. But he could not manage enough money required for the marriage. Ghanashyam’s boat is kept as a security to Mahesh, the moneylender. Intentions of Mahesh were never clean from the beginning. Mahesh fed the greedy thanedar with  a ...

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Manual D’Costa, a family man with a son and a wife gets a job in a sawmill. Bilas is the owner of the mill and has an eye on Manual’s wife. Nag bhusan is a criminal with whom Bilas is closely associated. Bilas molested Manual’s wife and killed Manual. Their son Shakti finished off one of the criminals who had ...

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There is always a saying ‘Honesty sometimes suffers to a big extent till it is understood’. The film portrays such a character Rajib Chowdhury, an honest passport officer who was badly harassed by Singhania. Singhania in order to escape from the country wanted help from Rajib Chowdhury. But Rajib did not help him in this unethical activity .Singhania was much ...

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Biswambhar Roy, a renowned zamindar who was rather more famous for arranging grand ‘Jalshaghar’ is towards the end of his reign. But nothing could suppress his love and passion for music. Mahim, an ordinary man of the village made quite some money. He too started arranging Jalshaghar giving a tough competition to Biswambhar. This wounded Biswambhar’s ego badly. When he ...

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