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Amit and Sheela is a happily married couple. But their happy life started to get disturbed  after they witnessed a press reporter being attacked. Amit took the bleeded victim to the hospital. Soon Amit started receiving warnings from unknown persons. He even got certain proofs which could make him reach the main culprit. The murderer abducted Amit’s son and asked for the ...

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Sundar Bou


The sudden death Of Nanda’s mother shocked him to such an extent that he lost his speaking ability. He was continually tortured by his step-mother. But Nanda was loved by his father and step-sister. Nanda’s mother thought of getting him married so that she can avail a free maid. Nanda’s newly wedded wife did not regret but was happy with ...

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Master Mosai


A teacher is the foundation stone of a student’s academic career. This movie depicts the life of one such teacher who goes out of his way to help his students in whatever way he can. Subhankar Chatterjee is a spirited teacher who even helps two of his students, Rahul and Mini to get engaged to each other. But no love ...

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Banerjee Brothers Vs Chatterjee Sisters


The story is about the Banerjee brothers who deceive people by stealing their valuables. These two brothers are supported by their parents who are also thieves. Once after deceiving a bank manager, they get caught but they managed to get rid off from the police with the help of their father. Soon this duo with the help of a picture of ...

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Praner Cheye Priyo


The movie tells the tale of Satyanarayan and his family. Lakshmi, Satyanarayan’s wife was a mother figure to Suman and Sumana (Satyanarayan’s step brother and sister). Bibhas Chowdhury who wanted vengeance from the family because of Lakshmi’s refusal fifteen years ago. Bibhas appoints Chaiti for this vigorous task. Raja, on the other hand, a lawbreaker was rescued by Lakshmi from ...

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Private Practice


Shankar is a simple boy in the village who is treated as a fun element in the college. His uncle arranges his marriage. Being much scared he fled from there. On the way, he met Shobhen, who escapes from the grip of some kidnappers with a lump some amount of money which they received from any other crime group. They ...

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Amidst all bloodshed and violence, Pralay and Hiya fall for each other. Pralay, on the first hand, lost his father who saw a journalist being murdered by M.L.A Rajat’s men. Rajat does not hesitate to kill anyone who creates disruptions in his life. Pralay’s family members were all killed by Rajat, when he comes to realize about Pralay’s and Hiya’s ...

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