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Directed by Tushar Majumdar, this film is a depiction of love story entwined in mysterious circumstances. Sathi, a cabaret dancer is in want of money to cure her mother. Even after much pleading, she is unable to procure the required money. Therefore, she resorts to duplicity. She is provided with the money on the condition that she has to disguise ...

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A village shrouded in mystery is shown in this movie where human sacrifice is still practised. To capture in their lens, whatever is going on in the village, a TV channel arrives there. But soon, all the crew members get killed one by one. Enter the police officer, Bharath who desperately wants to solve the mystery behind the murders. Then ...

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Pratham Kadam Phool

Starring Soumitra Chatterjee, Tanuja, Subhendu Chatterjee, Chhaya Devi, this movie narrates the story of Sukanta and Kakali. Formerly, Kakali did not seem to be very fond of Sukanta but slowly their love blossoms. Sukanta’s  sister-in-law does not entertain the duo as Sukanta has not been able to establish himself. Sukanta and Baren are childhood buddies. Baren is very well off, ...

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Harish Chandra

King Harishchandra lived with his wife, Saibya and son, Rohitaswa. Harishchandra hampered saint Biswamitra’s meditation. Biswamitra was fuming with anger and asked him to renounce everything he had and Harishchandra did as he was asked to. Biswamitra was surprised to see what an honest man he was. Harishchandra also promised to give another 1000 gold coins. Unable to procure the ...

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Mahendra Roy, a business magnate has brought up her daughter Riya in a very conservative manner. Raju, an orphan fell in love with Riya in a college excursion after lots of trifles. Mahendra Roy fixed his marriage with Dhiman (son of another big shot businessman). Raju pretending to be a biggie arrived at Mahendra Roy’s house. Raju took the help ...

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The movie narrates the tale of a beautiful woman named Pushpo who, went through many harsh struggles and reached a bordello in an ill-reputed area to earn her living. She did take this life willingly. She tried to find every possible job but failed after being thrown out from her house. In this midst of tough life, she found a ...

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