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Barsha gets married to Nabakumar against her wish. Nabakumar is madly in love with his beautiful, moody, adventurous wife. But being poles apart by nature Barsha actually fails to love Nabakumar. When the marriage was not working out Barsha reveals a shocking truth. She had married Subho ,her college friend without anybody’s knowledge much before she got married to Nabakumar. ...

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Tak Jhal Mishti


TAK JHAL MISHTI is a romantic drama that revolves around the journey of a sweet young girl, Trina & her earnest endeavor to protect her ancestral property from falling into the hands of an influential property developer, Rajat Ray. To repay the debts Trina comes up with a bohemian start up idea – her restaurant “Tak Jhal Mishti” to serve ...

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Akash Choan


The movie ‘Akash Choan’ is based on Procheto Gupta’s short story Nadi. Kaustuv, a good-natured young man finds himself in the good graces of Niladri and Suchismita. They are a young couple, recently moved into a new locality with 7 years old son Rayan. Niladri is particularly fond of him but Suchismita despite using Kaustuv to her benefit, ridicules him at ...

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Directed by Raj Mukherjee, this movie tells the story of four happy-go-lucky friends. The four friends bid adieu to each other after their college is over but, promises to stay in touch for years to come. Many years pass by, Mayukh and Aishwarya, children of two of the friends fall for each other. A gangster’s daughter Diya falls for Mayukh ...

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Directed by Arup Kumar Dey, the movie deals with Nilava, a promising artist. His motivation is Jhilmil, a singer. But he was much humiliated when he went to gift her painting at her place. Nilava felt so distressed, he thought of finishing his life but, Urmi saved him from doing this. In the process, both fell in love with each ...

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Starring Prasenjit, Juhi Chawla, Abhishek Chatterjee, Haradhan Banerjee this movie has all the ingredients of a hit movie. It features superhit music by Bappi Lahiri. The plot revolves around Subho’s love for Deepika and how he ultimately makes a place for himself in Deepika and her father’s heart. Mr.Bose rejects Subho’s mother’s proposal to get their children married. Subho comes ...

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Bilasdutta who used to work under late Ajay Singh Thakur seized all the property. The movie shows the hero Bijoy, son of Ajay Singh Thakur fell a victim to the destiny. He was brought up in an orphanage and was quite famous among the local people for his generosity. The movie concluded with the message of the victory of truth over ...

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Directed by Dinen Gupta, released in 1973, ‘Basanta Bilap’ is one of the popular movies with multiple renowned actors  – Soumitra Chattopadhyay, Anup Kumar, Robi Ghosh, Chinmoy Ray, Tarun Kumar, Aparna Sen, Kajal Gupta, Sumitra Mukherjee, Kanika Majumdar and many others. This is one of the best comedy films in a perfect sense of that time. The story deals with ...

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