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Mahendra Roy, a business magnate has brought up her daughter Riya in a very conservative manner. Raju, an orphan fell in love with Riya in a college excursion after lots of trifles. Mahendra Roy fixed his marriage with Dhiman (son of another big shot businessman). Raju pretending to be a biggie arrived at Mahendra Roy’s house. Raju took the help ...

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Mon Bole Priya Priya

The movie starts with Priya who is brought up by her foster parents. They intended to kill her in order to acquire her property. Priya completely unaware of this conspiracy gladly drove the car, gifted by the foster parents on her eighteenth birthday. They damaged the car’s brakes purposely so that it becomes easy to remove Priya from their way. ...

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Bor Asbe Ekhuni

Mitil embarks upon her journey of becoming an RJ from Siliguri with full support from her father. Initially, she was staying in a hostel but was searching for a house to stay on her own. Mitil finds a great friend in Bibi. One night, both of them visit a pub and there they accidentally meet Avik. Mitil in her drunken ...

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The story is a journey where Tannistha, a vibrant and beautiful scholarly student, with the right tastes and outlook towards life, is all set to get married to Shounak. Shounak is an ideal groom that a girl can take home to parents. He is the only son of a well-to-do couple, a successful management graduate and Tannistha’s long time friend. ...

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Private Practice

Shankar is a simple boy in the village who is treated as a fun element in the college. His uncle arranges his marriage. Being much scared he fled from there. On the way, he met Shobhen, who escapes from the grip of some kidnappers with a lump some amount of money which they received from any other crime group. They ...

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Madhu Malati

The movie centers on the love story of Madhu And Malati who belongs to the different background. Malati was the daughter of an influential rich zamindar of the village and Madhu was a poor man. Madhu was quite popular among the village folks for his courage, generosity and his noble opinions. Malati was much proud of her wealth and used to ...

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