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It’s the story of a mother & daughter. Their journey, struggle and the mother’s dream to make her daughter a renowned singer. Due to various family constraints, the mother could not become a successful singer and now she wants her daughter to become one to fulfill her long cherished desire. Raagini, the daughter, at a tender age of 8, won ...

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Ebar Jombe Moja


Kaushik, Nirmal and Abhijeet are office colleagues, completely bored with their mundane life at work and at home. They need to relax, they need a change, they need some excitement in their life which can give them a break from their responsibilities and duties professionally and personally. So all three of them decide to take a break and go to ...

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Guti Malharer Atithi


After marriage and honeymoon, the unmatched couple is all set to embark on a new adventure. Dum Dum Digha Digha ended on a happy note with Guti & Malhar going off for their honeymoon. And now the cult pair of Guti and Malhar is back and this time with a special guest. Guti is pregnant and Malhar and family are ...

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Chalo Let’s Live


This is the story of a young and free spirited couple who decide to stay together before marriage. A talented and aspiring musician, Rahi from Bardhaman meets a carefree guy from North Bengal Arjun in Kolkata and they fall in love. Though both liberal and open minded, they are still skeptical about their mutual compatibility and marriage. So they decide ...

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Ek Je Ache Apsara


An Angel descends on Earth. A mortal guy falls in love with her …What happens next !!?? Abhi and Mahadeb are two young struggling blokes trying to make a good life. They are friends who hail from a small town. By turn of events they accidentally bring back an Apsara to life from the curse of being a lifeless statue. ...

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Nimki Phulki


Nimki Phulki are two mischievous sisters- one tomboyish and the other docile. Their mischief has terrorized the people of Nakulpur village. But their intentions are noble. Their courage helps them to fight against all the wrong done to the villagers. Two wealthy old men in the village, who were cheating the villagers of their belongings, were also their target. These ...

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Paan Supari


Sunny aka Sandeep is a contract killer, a suave perfectionist who never leaves any trace of his crime. The transaction of money and information for his contracts happen through a paan shop run by Chaturvedi. Phooltushi is a pretty girl who has run away from her village to Kolkata. The naïve girl falls prey to a woman trafficking gang. Somehow ...

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“Dum Dum Digha Digha”, the hilarious sequel of one of the most popular Zee Bangla Cinema Originals, GutiMallar. After eight months of their marriage, Guti and Mallar are now in a mood to go for a honeymoon from Dum Dum to Digha. While they are enthralled by the thought of blue skies, sands and beaches Bhatkai, with his criminal mind, ...

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Dev I love You


Adolescence has always been symbolic of freedom of expression, a fertile ground where youthful vigor challenges the set monotony and authority. They are fearless and innocent, their innocence makes them vulnerable but also curious about their passion and desires. Zee Bangla cinema brings you a story of one such bubbly teenager Chanpa, whose heart and soul beats for Bengali Super ...

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Selfier Phandey


It’s a story of a small town middle class girl Sraboni who one day accidently bumps into a professional photographer who notices her good looks and suggests her to try for films in Kolkata. Allured by the glitz and glamour she ends up at the audition for a film. She gets noticed by the producer Tushar Mohanty for her innocence ...

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