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Director : Haronath Chakrabarty

Cast : Hiran, Koyel Mullick

Mahendra Roy, a business magnate has brought up her daughter Riya in a very conservative manner. Raju, an orphan fell in love with Riya in a college excursion after lots of trifles. Mahendra Roy fixed his marriage with Dhiman (son of another big shot businessman). Raju pretending to be a biggie arrived at Mahendra Roy’s house. Raju took the help of Pratap Roy (Mahendra’s distanced younger brother) to stay in Mahendra’s house and win the hearts of all. Everything was happening according to Raju’s plan. But Mahendra Roy was not an easy person to deal with. Dhiman went to a pub where he humiliates Riya and Raju unable to calm his nerves gets into a row with Dhiman. Mahendra on hearing this threw Raju out of his house. Raju did not leave hope and fought all the obstacles for Riya. As we say, all is well that ends well… this movie too. At the end, everything falls in place and the lovers are united for life. Actors like Hiran Chatterjee, Koel Mallick, Dipankar Dey together have done a fine family drama combined with romance.