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Deya Neya

Director : Sunil Bandhopadhay

Cast : Uttam Kumar, Tanuja, Tarun Kumar, Lily Chakraborty, Chaya Debi, Pahari Sanyal, Sumita Sanyal

The movie is about Prasanta who has a deep passion for singing but unfortunately, this was not supported by his father. Prasanta leaves home and stays at his friend Asim’s place. Prasanta finds the job of a driver at Amar Dulal’s house. He did not reveal his real identity and introduced himself as Hriday Haran. He also pen named himself as Avijit Chowdhury as a singer in radio. Sucharita, Amar Dulal’s niece developed a feeling for Avijit, unaware of the fact that he is her driver, Haran. Ultimately, everything falls into place when Prasanta comes on the stage for performance, unveiling his identity. Sucharita was surprised to know the truth. Everyone including Amar Dulal and B.K.Roy were ecstatic with Prasanta’s performance.