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Director : Kalidas Mahanabis

Cast : Prasenjit,Satabdi Roy,Supria Debi,Soumitra Mukherjee,Labony

The movie revolves around Soumik and Rupsha and their struggles. Soumik was struggling for a job but came back home everyday with a heavy mind. Soumik’s elder brother and his wife always taunted for his state of unemployment. Rupsha, daughter of a school teacher was always by Soumik’s side. He left his house due to the everyday problems. Soumik got a job to take care of a garage. The movie deals with familial emotions. After a lot of hurdles, Soumik united with his family and Rupsha. Prasenjit played the role of Soumik and Satabdi portrayed the role of Rupsha. The movie is a typical family drama providing proper entertainment.