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Director : Swapan Saha

Cast : Tapas Paul, Satabdi Roy, Subhendu Chatterjee, Dulal Lahiri, Anamika Saha

Kamala, the only offspring of King Shanchi and Queen Chitra falls in love with a prince Kanchan Kumar. Both got married with their parents’ consent. On the wedding night, Kanchan Kumar meets Chamunda Tantrik who suggests him to bring the ‘Nilpadda’ from Nil Sardar. He even tells Kanchan Kumar this was vowed by his father to God Bholanath. Kanchan  Kumar sets on his journey that very night with due permission from his mother. On his way, he envisions  two fairies discussing that a baby born on that day would come with a bright fate. Therefore, he visits his wife and spends the night together. Kamala’s mother in law suspects her of having an elicit affair. She is taken to the judgement house and receives a death sentence. Kamala escapes to the forest and gives birth to a male baby, Manik Kumar. Her child is replaced with a dead one and years after she reunites with her son. Kanchan Kumar also comes back to the empire after completing his mission and finds her lost wife and son. They lived happily ever after. This movie provides the viewers constant entertainment.