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Mach mishti and more

Director : Mainak Bhaumik

Cast : Soumitra Chatterjee, Parambrata, Paramita, Raima Sen, Swastika, Anuradha Roy

The movie centres around a family showing the lives of each. The parents in the family are traditional but they give adequate space to their children. The eldest son Rahul returns to Kolkata with the desire of opening a restaurant here. His wife is quite ultramodern and does not believe in the traditional concepts. The next son Ronnie is engaged to Swati, the daughter of a rich non-Bengali businessman. Due to her silly and casual approaches, Ronnie is not sure about her and later leaves her. He is impressed with his old college friend Ishaani, who is sort of crazy but both shares a good rapport. The youngest one Raj wants to be a film actor and gives auditions in various places but wants an independent life. His mother is quite worried about her he doesn’t like her interference in his personal matters. The eldest in the family, the grandfather of the kids is very frank and friendly. He is a fun loving person. The three brothers  get very messed up with something or the other but ultimately finds a way to do what they actually want in life.