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Director : Debaloy Bhattacharya

Cast : Sreeparna Roy, Sourav Das, Anindya, Rupankar, Bulbuli, Mani Sankar Banerji

Roop, a young guy from a well to do joint family gets married to a sweet and homely girl Mani, a decision taken in a haste due to pressure from his family. His accidental marriage, soon turns out to be a hellish experience when Roop gets puzzled by the weird and unpredictable behavior of Mani, who remains untraceable frequently without anyone having any knowledge of her whereabouts. Confusion gets critical when Roop accidentally discovers Mani’s lookalike, a girl named Kanchana; whose bold personality is in complete contrast with the soft and gentle personality of his wife, Mani. Problems arise when a police inspector knocks at Roops house, investigating a murder apparently committed by a girl named Kanchana, the doppleganger of Mani.  Roop tries to make the inspector understand that his wife is innocent and is just a lookalike of the suspected murderer. However, driven by the suspicious behavior of Mani, Roop follows Mani to her old house and discovers the same dresses and hairdo that he has seen on Kanchana, ultimately realizing both Mani & Kanchana are in fact the same person. What will Roop do now? Will he be able to save his beloved wife from the mental disorder and most importantly from the impending murder trial? Watch out for ‘Manikanchana’