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Director : Tushar Majumdar

Cast : Tapas Paul, Debasree Roy, Utpal Dutta, Abhisekh Chatterjee, Chinmay

Directed by Tushar Majumdar, this film is a depiction of love story entwined in mysterious circumstances. Sathi, a cabaret dancer is in want of money to cure her mother. Even after much pleading, she is unable to procure the required money. Therefore, she resorts to duplicity. She is provided with the money on the condition that she has to disguise herself as Madhabi and woo Kumar to finally end up in seizing all his property. Madhabi (Sathi) is accompanied by Biplab Paja, who claims to be Madhabi’s uncle, her only guardian. In the meanwhile, the village of Pratapgarh is terrorized by a few murders and the case remains unsolved until D.S.P Ranjit takes charge of it. The real Madhabi and his uncle are abducted by Bishambar Babu (nayeb moshai). Ranjit unravels the case and we also come to know Sathi is actually Malati, twin sister of Madhabi. At last, the movie comes to a happy conclusion, reuniting the lovers. Watch this movie exclusively on Zee Bangla Cinema.