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Mayer Shakti

Director : Basanta Saha

Cast : Siddhant, Jyoti, Mihir, Horo Patnayak & Others

A mother is an epitome of love. This movie talks of Mamta who is married to Satya Prakash. Satya Prakash’s father puts one condition that he can own all his property only after he has a son. Until then, Satya’s uncle is entitled to take care of all the property.

Mamta becomes aware of Satya’s uncle’s evil intentions but keeps quite. The uncle gets Mamta slaughtered by a goon. What turn does the movie take after this is a must watch… Does Satya Prakash ever get to know about his uncle’s evil motives? Does Mamta’s son receive the motherly affection that he is supposed to? To get these questions answered, watch it only on Zee Bangla Cinema….