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Director : Biresh Chattapadhay

Cast : Tapas Paul,Mousumi Chatterjee,Dipankar Dey,Subhendu Chatterjee,Sreela Majumdar

Directed by Biresh Chatterjee, this movie revolves around Priyobroto who has lost his parents in an accident at a very early age. Urmi Mala, a resident of the same village where Priyo lived is considered as his sister by Priyo. Gopal, a factory owner had his eyes on Urmi. So Gopal along with Lolit planned to deceive Urmi. Urmi had to marry Lolit under poor circumstances schemed by Gopal and Lolit. Meanwhile, Priyo shifts to Ranchi to pursue a better career. There he met Kuntala and they are engaged to be married. On the other hand, Urmi gives birth to a son. Unable to feed him and petrified of not being able to shape his future, she asks Priyo to give shelter to her child. Priyo puts Jayanta (Urmi’s son) in a foster home and visits him regularly. Coincidentally Urmi too works as a maid at the same foster home but is unaware of her son’s presence. After a lot of violence, Lolit came to know that Jayanta was his son. He realized his faults. Kuntala understood that Priyo was innocent and just a victim of destiny. Everyone reunited.