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Naag Panchami


Cast : Sundariya, Prema, Shi Kumar, Charulata

This movie basically deals with the divine and supreme powers of Nagdevi. Nagdevi even blessed Puja with her powers. Puja, the niece of Dinesh and granddaughter of Sanatan, was thrown into the forest. Puja’s mother was killed by Dinesh because their father passed on all his property to Ambika and Rajendra (Puja’s father). Rajendra got a mental setback after his wife’s death. Puja then was brought up by the priest and his daughter. Since Puja had religious powers, she helped her father to recover. She also got him married to Shanti. Puja possessing such supreme powers could even turn into snakes. And, by using it she, one day bit her uncle. Taking mercy on her aunt, she took back the poison from her uncle’s body. All these consequences made Dinesh feel guilty and he asked for forgiveness.