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Private Practice

Director : Panna Hosen

Cast : Rama Prasad Banik, Angshuman, Romen Roy, Swapan Sarkar, Ratree, Mrinal Mukherjee

Shankar is a simple boy in the village who is treated as a fun element in the college. His uncle arranges his marriage. Being much scared he fled from there. On the way, he met Shobhen, who escapes from the grip of some kidnappers with a lump some amount of money which they received from any other crime group. They decided to interchange their roles. Shankar changed himself to such an extent that his previous image was almost banished. He also gets the information that the girl with whom he was supposed to marry is Uma, his crush. But Uma actually disliked Shankar. The changed Shankar tries to win her heart.  Later Shankar’uncle and his parents manage to arrange Shankar’s and Uma’s marriage. The kidnappers behind Shobhen also gets arrested. Uma  gets the first treatment from the doctor Shankar after he completed M.B.B.S.