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Raj Nartaki

Director : Narayan Chakrabarty

Cast : Tapas Paul, Sudha Chandran, Basanta Roy, Nirmal Kumar, Anup Kumar

Bikramjit, prince of Bijoygarh has a passion for music and falls for the court dancer Chandrima. Bijoygarh and Kanchannagar are two states which are constantly in conflict with each other. To make peace between the two, Acharya proposes to strike a matrimonial alliance between the two states. Both the kings were happy with this proposition.The eagerly wanted prince of Bijoygarh to marry the princess of Kanchannagar. But Bikramjit could not be moved from his decision of marrying Chandrima. The Acharya tells Chandrima that if this marriage does not take place a war would be waged bringing about destruction. Chandrima thus turned down the proposal of Bikramjit. The king of Kanchannagar when realizes their love for each other relents and the story ends on a happy note.