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Director : Monaj Kumar

Cast : Bhagyasree, Hema Malini, Sidharth, Rajesh Sharma, Aparajita Mukherjee

“Sati Behula’’ retells the mythological story of Behula and Lakshinder with all its vividity. Behula stands as an epitome of love and sacrifice. The dispute between Chand Sadagar and Maa Manasha led to the sufferings of innocent Behula and Lakshinder. Being adamant, ChandSadagar lost his six sons yet he doesn’t worship Maa Manasha as a Goddess. When Lakshinder, his seventh son gets bitten by Kalnagini, sent by MaaManasha, Behula with undaunted spirit and determination sets out for an unthinkably long journey full  of hurdles. Maa Manasha tries to restrict her journey but nothing could stop her. After she reaches there, she tries to please all the gods and goddesses with her dance and successfully is able to bring her husband back to life. Behula also convinces Chand Sadagar to worship MaaManasha so that she is acclaimed as a goddess.