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Sejo Bou

Director : Anjan Chowdhury

Cast : Ranjit Mullick, Tapas Paul, Chumki Choudhury, Biplab Ghosh, Abhisekh Chatterjee, Rita Koyral, Anamika Saha & Others

Aparesh Banerjee’s younger son Ayan loved Rupa who belonged to a rich family. Rupa’s father did not want his daughter to marry Ayan and humiliated Aparesh a lot. However, Ayan was sent abroad to study only by the sacrifice of Sima (daughter in law of Aparesh). But the main crisis came when Sima’s husband Amal passed away of a major heart problem. Amal’s mother and other members of the family blamed Sima for not contributing any amount to save her husband. Nobody understood the pain which Sima went through. She sold all her mother’s jewellery to send Ayan to foreign. The members always insulted and taunted Sima for her husband’s death. In the meanwhile, when Ayan returned he wanted to take Sima out of his house along with him. At last, on the refusal of Sima, Ayan and Rupa cleared all the misunderstandings and made things better.