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Director : Abhijit Guha & Sudeshna Roy

Cast : Prasenjit, Koel Mullick, Gargi Roychowdhury, Payel

Koel is a young girl brought up in a convent school in the North East where her mother used to teach. After her mother’s death, the nuns had helped her through the school. But once she was out of her school she comes to live in her mother’s friend’s house in Kolkata. In this house, she is welcomed by all, including the two young members of the house, and the senior uncle, but somehow the eldest son of the house feels this girl is nothing but trouble. The initial dislike is heightened when Koel gets the other young people to revolt against the strict discipline imposed by their Dadamoni. The whole lot go to a disco and get involved in a brawl from which Dadamoni rescues them, but he expresses his anger in no uncertain terms.

The friction between the two continues, yet slowly Koel starts admiring the dada of the house as he is strong principled and actually kind to people. Dadamoni too seems to thaw but at this point another lady, a friend’s widow, Gargi enters their family. And Dadamoni is always with her and gives her preference. A jealous Koel misbehaves with Gargi and that is the last straw, Dadamoni (Prosenjit) gives her a mouthful. And now Koel leaves home…..what next? Does Dadamoni forget her and marry Gargi? Do they find her? Can Koel get over her crush that turned into love?

Shudhu Tumi is a love story with a heart, a love story that finds a fresh young girl falling for a matured young man, a man with a hard exterior but a soft heart.