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Director : Haranath Chakrabarty

Cast : Dipankar Dey, Swagata Basu, Nabomita Chatterjee, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Padmanabha Dasgupta, Debika Mitra

An overwhelming story of an old man pursuing his dreams, eventually! Monotosh Babu, a simple retired man leads a decent life with wife Sabita, daughter Subhashree and aged mother Indumati Devi. Sabita is a housewife, Subashree is married but visits them regularly and Indumati Devi is still very stable at the age of 82! Everything is picture perfect until Monotosh Babu comes across a piece of news where an old lady gloriously graduates along with her daughter. He remembered his dreams of higher education during the days of growing up. But this time he takes a plight with a stronger will and gets himself admitted to college. He keeps it a secret with the wish of surprising everyone with a degree in hand. As his people start growing suspicious and his son-in-law starts questioning his character, will he be able to keep the big secret or reach the ultimatum this time? To know if the end is well or not, watch ‘Swapno Puron’