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Director : Pradip Saha

Cast : Indraneel Sengupta,Paoli Dam,Tapas Pal,Santu Mukhopadhya, Rajatava, Shatabdi Roy, Santu Mukherjee

Directed by Pradip Saha and starring Indraneel Sengupta, Paoli Dam, Rajatava Datta, this movie tells the tale of Arjun and Mimi. Arjun saves Mimi from the grasp of few criminals and manages to get shelter at her house. Phani Sarkhel, on the other hand, is a builder who has an eye on Mimi’s house. Arjun turns out to be the saviour of Mimi and her father.

The end of the movie is quite heart-warming where Arjun and Mimi unite and they also help Amlan (Mimi’s father’s friend) to unite with his love, Kaberi.