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Director : Sandip Roy

Cast : Soumitra Chatterji,Bina,Pallavi Roy,Minakshi Goswami,Debotosh Ghosh

This movie very profoundly deals with the life of a doctor (Soumitra Chatterjee) who is lured by the temptations of life. A doctor during his learning session vows to take care of all his patients irrespective of their financial status. But soon they forget all about it and indulge themselves in the money minting business. Soumitra Chatterjee on his way to Jamshedpur to deliver a lecture comes across a farmer lying in the streets, fighting for life. He helps him to his home, treats him and provides him with all necessary stuffs. But, in spite of this, the poor farmer dies. Soumitra, who was not an idealist till then got moved by this struggle of that needy family. He realized that as a doctor, needs to transcend above the material world and pay heed to things which are more nearer to the earth.