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Director : SUJIT GUHA


Samrat, estranged from his biological mother from his very birth is harboured by a nurse in Debipur village. Samrat grows up to be a messiah for the poor and a terror to the rich people. Samrat’s biological mother is married to an advocate and has another son named Subroto, who is a police officer. Samrat is in love with Chumki, a village belle who is tormented by her step-mother. The landlord Pannalal has an eye on Chumki and her mother also supports him as she is lured by his riches. Subroto is bestowed with the duty of putting Samrat behind the bars. When Subroto comes to know that Samrat is his elder brother, he finds it hard to come to terms with reality.
Finally everything ends on a happy note and the perpetrators of injustice are punished. Samrat too is sentenced to three years of imprisonment and his family awaits his return.