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Aalor Sathi

Director : Raaj Mukherjee

Cast : Manali Manisha Dey, Moinak Banerjee, Shankar Debnath, Kalyani Mondal, Rajat Ganguly & Others.

Aalo, has lost both her parents as a child.. She has grown up in a village with her maternal uncle Satish and his family. Satish loves his orphan niece Aalo a lot. But his wife illtreats Aalo and makes her do all the household chores. She cares more for her own daughter and continues treating Aalo as a looser, an orphan who has nowhere to go.

Aalo actually is not good looking. As she lives a neglected life and doesn’t even get proper food to survive everyday,.her only faith and hope is God. This young girl still is full of life, always puts up a smile and wins everybody’s heart. Everyday in the morning Aalo begins her day by worshiping lord Shiva and everybody in the village and around the temple are mesmerized by her voice when she sings while worshiping.

One day Bidhan Datta and his wife Romola comes to Aalo’s village to settle some ancestral property matters. While visiting the Shiv Temple, they meet Aalo. They are impressed by Aalo’s simplicity and beauty and her belief in God.

They are immediately reminded of their own spoilt son Rudra. They also recall that the pandit from this temple had suggested that if Rudra gets married to a religious girl who believes in God, his life would be free from all danger and life threats. They immediately decide that Aalo would be a perfect choice for their son Rudra.

They find out about Aalo and goes and meets her uncle Satish.and proposes Aalo’s marriage with their only son Rudra.

Will Aalo really find a friend and companion in Rudra..? Will Rudra accept Aalo as his “Sathi”..his companion..his life-partner..!