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Aaye Brishti

Director : Amit Ghosh

Cast : Tanika Basu, Sohini Talukder, Suhorto Mukherjee, Sejuti Dutta, Ranojoy Bhattacharya, Sayantani Sengupta, Rajat Ganguly, Piyali Mitra & Others

The story revolves around Brishti, Mishti and Aranya. Brishti and Mishti are twin sisters but very different by nature and are also not identical twins. Brishti is introvert, shy and not so smart. She is not as attractive as Mishti. On the other hand, Mishti is smart & charming, a good looking young girl.

She is also a snob. Mishti and Brishti doesn’t share a good bonding. Mishti, being pampered by her mother, has become very arrogant too. Their aunt Aparna, stays with them and she is the only person who cares for Brishti and Brishti finds solace in her. She shares everything with her aunt. Their father is not so vocal in the family, but sympathises with Brishti at times.

ARANYA is a young handsome talented boy of 21. His only love in life is music and he aspires to be a singer one day. That is his only dream.

He stays with his grandfather and an old attendant, Halder kaku. Brishti, Mishti and Aranya are in the same batch/ Year in college.

Aranya leads a musical band in the college and has a gang of followers..Mishti is one of them. Mishti is not only a fan, she is in love with Aranya and wants to posess him. Music being his only focus in life, Aranya does not pay much attention to Mishti’s madness and considers her to be only a friend. He makes this very clear with Mishti. Brishti is a good poet. She writes poetry and only reads it out to her aunt. Nobody except her aunt and Pompom knows about this talent in Brishti. One day she comes to know that Aranya wants somebody to write good lyrics for his songs. Brishti, since the first day in college had a liking for Aranya but was never vocal about it. It takes just a second for Brishti to decide that she is going to write lyrics for Aranya. With the help of Pompom, she passes the pieces of paper with song lyrics to Aranya. Pompom keeps the paper in Aranya’s College bag every time during lunch hours when all the students are out in the campus. To his utter surprise, Aranya finds the beautiful lyrics in his bag and loves them. He begins composing songs with them. But Aranya is very anxious to find out who is doing this in college!! One day he finds Mishti coming out of the empty classroom during the recess period .He thinks Mishti is the one who has been passing him the lyrics , immediately runs to Mishti and praises her for her talent and expresses how impressed he is and that he likes Mishti for her talent. .Mishti is in seventh heaven now.

Will Aranya ever find out that Brishti is the poet and lyricist of his songs…? Will Brishti be able to express her love for Aranya..? Watch “Aaye Brishti” a Zee Bangla Cinema Originals film only on zee bangla cinema on 8th September at 9 Pm.