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Abar Ekla Cholo

Director : Sudeshna Roy & Abhijit Guha

Cast : June Malia, Sayani Ghosh, Kaushik Sen, Indrajeet

Ranita is a woman past her forties, grappling with the duality of existence and independence. Her daughter and son-in- law have recently had a child together, going by the name of Rahul. Initially, she was appointed as caretaker for the child, but as time passed, Ranita was accused of being two-oldfashioned to take care of a child in the modern day and age. Feeling belittled, Ranita leaves the confines of her daughter and goes out in search of her identity, and to become the independent woman she always felt she was.

A senior and well wisher of hers, Parama, tells her to try out In-Vitro Fertilization as a solution. The idea strikes her as being a good one. Her search for a competent doctor to carry out the medical procedure leads her to Dr. Subhankar Basu. Will Dr.Basu be successful in carrying out the In-Vitro Fertilization? Will Ranita find her peace and independence in her soon-to- be-born child? How will her relatives, friends and society at large react to her attempt at liberation? How will this quest for independence go? To find out, watch Abar Ekla Cholo