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Director : Anjan Das

Cast : Manali Dey, Subrata Dutta, Barun Chakraborty, Sudip Chakraborty & Others

Achin, a servant of the zamindar, Rai Saheb, takes shelter in an inhabited island after being wrongly framed in a murder case. Rai Saheb had asked him to take the blame for a murder committed by his mentally deranged son. Achin falls in love with Pakhi, the daughter of a fisherman. Rai Saheb fixes his son’s marriage with Pakhi. When Achin goes to meet Pakhi, he is arrested. Pakhi is married to Rai Saheb’s son and learns that Achin would be hanged. Achin is released due to lack of evidence. He returns only to find that Pakhi has committed suicide.