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Director : Palash Bandapadhay

Cast : Soumitra Chaterjee,Sandhya Roy,Anil Chatterjee & others.

Directed by Palash Bandopadhyay, “Agradani” narrates the life and sufferings of a brahmin named Punya Chakraborty. Punya who was very poor wanted a good life for his kids and wife. On the other hand, Punya was promised some bighas of land and enough food by the zamindar. In lieu of this Punya should lie down in front of the room where Zamindar’s son is going to be born. Punya  saw that Zamindar’s wife again gave birth to a dead son like the previous time. He replaced the dead son with his new born baby. The movie not only talks about Punya Chakraborty but also the contemporary situation of the village. Agradani refers to the lower caste Brahmins and without whom the holy traditions after death cannot be completed. Punya Chakraborty had to complete this task against his will just for the sake of his daughter’s marriage and his son’s further studies.