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Director : TEJA

Cast : Mahesh Babu, Gopichand, Rakshita, JEVA

Teja in his film brings out the change of innocence to vengeance. Gopichand played the role of a powerful underworld leader who once removed Jaya Prakash Reddy from that place. Gopichand  gives fake charges on an honest fire officer Ranganath to take revenge from him. Ranganath was a simple man who tried to save the marketplace from Gopichand who intended to set the place on fire. Ranganath also slapped Gopichand for his brutality. The movie shows how Mahesh Babu, the hero of the movie gets harassed in order to save his father (Ranganath) from police. His patience was pushed beyond limits when Ranganath was murdered by a police officer. This entire huge loss and injustice made Mahesh Babu and his mother (Talluri Rameswari) lose their tolerance. He sets out on a well planned killing spree. Both mother and son punished each one of the criminal who had hands in killing Ranganath.The movie AMAR PRATISODH clearly focuses on the PRATISODH OF A SON and the mother being the guide for him in providing justice to Ranganath.