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Director : P.VASU


The movie Amar Rakshak, directed by P. Basu is based on a mysterious painting of Nagavalli, which is responsible for many deaths. The painting when reached as a reward to the dancer Saraswathi’s house, it made the lives of her family members a miserable one. She even lost her husband and her mental stability too. Everyone remained clueless about the uncertain deaths that occurred in the family. It was then the actors Avinash and  Vishnuvardhan (who played the roles of Acharya and Dr.Bijoy respectively) came to the rescue of the family. Vishnuvardhan after his research unraveled the mysteries behind the painting. In the meantime many terrifying incidents took place and surprising facts came in front of the family. The movie has lots of twists and turns creating suspense and fear in the minds of the viewers!!!