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Ami Mukhyomantri Hobo

Director : Rabin Das

Cast : Chitra Sen, Srijita Mukherjee, Nabanita Datta, Subho Chakraborty, Kaushik Adhikary & Others

Aparna is a college going girl, living with her elder sister Suparna and  their grandmother. She is honest, upright and sensitive to social issues. Maybe it is this concern for social issues that spurs her to pursue her dream of becoming the Chief Minister someday. Aparna’s sister Suparna and her grandmother together runs a Home Delivery business of supplying food from home. Aparna at a very tender age had witnessed her mother’s death after her mother got electrocuted and couldn’t survive as the ambulance got delayed on the way to the hospital. Aparna even lost her father, who was a political leader on a rainy night when she was studying and suddenly her father returned home mysteriously drenched and injured and dropped dead in front of her…..”You have to make it really big in life Apu”….these were the last words of Aparna’s idol..her father.

On her way to college one day, Aparna finds an ambulance with a patient stuck in a traffic snarl. She swings into action immediately and using her presence of mind helps the traffic police to manoeuvre the ambulance through a by-lane. Having done it successfully, she has a tremendous sense of satisfaction at having been able to do what she has done.

In college, Aparna encounters a case of fund embezzlement from the Council treasury. True to her nature, she wades into the issue and helps to prove the innocence of Rwik, who was being falsely implicated in the matter. Pleased with her honesty and her protest against all that is unjust, the principal of her college proposes Aparna’s name for the post of General Secretary of the student’s council for the forthcoming elections. Rwik loves Aparna truly, , but he  fails in his weak attempt at intimacy with Aparna, and only manages to annoy her.

Aparna’s elder sister Suparna loves Ananda, but she has decided that she will not marry until her family’s financial condition is stable enough. If Ananda  is in any hurry to get married, he is welcome to go ahead and do so. Thammi, (their grandmother) is very fond of Rwik more than Ananda and she is well-aware of both her grandaughter’s romance with Rwik and Ananda. Rwik on the other hand is surprised and appreciates both Suparna and Ananda’s sacrifice for each other.

At the state level council meeting, Aparna enthralls the audience, including Rwik, with her impassioned and effusive speech about the need to protect the environment and old buildings in the city. Rwik is fascinated with her personality and her zeal to do good for society. That same evening, Aparna reciprocates to his overtures of love. In college, Aparna leads the students’ protest against the irregular attendance and classes by the teachers. They agitate outside their rooms and threaten to intensify the protest by taking up the matter with higher authorities.

Rwik meanwhile finds out some facts about Ananda, Suparna’s lover, which is unknown to the family ….and his  real name and profession, and also that he is a married man. This information makes Aparna furious and agitated. Aparna goes home and discloses the matter to Suparna, who calmly tells her that she is already aware of all this. In fact, Ananda,  has got married with her full knowledge and permission. She confesses to being besotted by him, as much as he is in love with land and buildings.

One fine day  Aparna and her family comes to know from Ananda that contrary to her claim, Suparna did not know about Ananda’s  true identity before being informed by Aparna. Aparna is confused – who is lying and who is speaking the truth? This leads to further complications, and ultimately takes a toll on their grandmother’s health.

On visiting  Aparna’s house, Rwik is told by the neighbours that Aparna’s grandmother has been taken to hospital in an ambulance. Rwik rushes off in pursuit. This time also the ambulance carrying their dear thammi gets held up in traffic on the way to the hospital. Aparna had promised herself that she wont let this tragedy repeat itself and affect their family ever again.

This tragedy had made Aparna promise to herself that one day she would become the Chief Minister, and make right all that was wrong with society – bad roads, traffic jams, the education system, the environment, hospitals, the entire infrastructure of the city. And she would create a separate lane only for ambulances carrying patients to the hospital, so that no one else would die helplessly stuck in a traffic jam.

Aparna snaps out of her thoughts when she realises that her grandmother will meet the same fate as her mother unless she acts fast. She swings into action, trying to get the ambulance to move. Rwik catches up with her, and together they manage to take the ambulance out of the traffic jam and move on to the hospital.

Will Aparna finally be able to fight and  win all the atrocities she faces in life …??? Will she fulfil her dream of Changing all the evils in the society…?