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Anand Ashram

Director : Shakti Samanta

Cast : Uttam Kumar, Sharmila Tagore, Ashok Kumar, Rakesh Roshan etc

The movie narrates the tale of a family. Dr. Deepak lives with his father who is a rich Thakur in a small town. Dr. Dipak’s father fixed his marriage with a girl of their status but Dipak loved a poor lady called Asha. This brought distance between the father and the son. Dipak left the home and married Asha. However after a few months, Thakur found a new-born baby who was abandoned at the river bank. The child was named Pratap and he brought up with love and affection. Pratap grew up to be a doctor who returned from abroad after completing his studies. He worked with a chemical company. He met a beautiful lady named Kiran and her father Dr.Dipak asks him to leave the company and continue his career in the town he lived. But Dr. Dipak was the real father of Pratap. But what will happen when Thakur would come to know that Pratap is the heir to his property ?? The questions are answered neatly in this movie which has eminent actors like Ashok Kumar, UttamKumar, RakeshRoshan, Sharmila Tagore. Zee Bangla Movies brings this old classic movie which should not be missed!!!