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Director : Swapan Saha

Cast : Prasenjit,Rachana Banerjee,Jishu Sengupta,Laboni Sarkar

Udayan is a photographer who takes snaps of important events. Thus, his life is at risk may times. Some gangsters were after him and he took shelter in Pradeepa’shouse. Unconsciously he gets physically involved with Pradeepa’s daughter Kunti  misunderstanding her as his wife Parboti (a lawyer). Parboti  gives birth to a child but leaves home in order to make space for Kunti who also gives birth to Udayan’s son. Kunti before her death interchanged her son with Parboti’s son. She only said this to her father and wanted him to keep this to himself. After many years, Kunti’s son Joy gets qualified with good education while Parboti’s son Karna though not like his brother but has a good value system like Parboti. Karna has a well-wisher named Abdullah Bhai who has always guided him. The movie reaches its climax when both the brothers meet unaware of their true relationship. How these brothers knew the truth, fought against the gangster Raghav Roy and reunited with the entire family, including their girlfriends, is something which should be watched.