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Director : SWAPAN SAHA


Swapan Saha ‘s most popular film ‘Baba Kano Chakar’ (1998) received a lot of appreciations presenting Prosenjit and Rituparna Sengupta. The movie narrates the tale of Rajnarayan Babu and his family. He had two sons Tuhin, Tushar and a daughter Khusi. Rajnarayan Babu has brought up his three children with much care, love and provided them with everything possible. But his Elder son Tuhin turned his back when Rajanarayan asked him to help with funds in khusi’s marriage. Khusi escaped and married Amit who’s parents arranged the duo’s wedding. It becomes pathetic when parents are left in distress, who have sacrificed their last wealth for their children. Rajnarayan Babu was humiliated by Tuhin. He was helpless. Tuhin’s wife conspiring with her mother was always scheming against her in-laws. Tushar realized all these. He raised his voice but amidst all these Rajnarayan’s wife passed away due to cerebral attack. It was then Tuhin gained back his senses and understood what massacre he and his wife had done. The family got reunited leaving back the bitter past and mistakes. They moved ahead for a happy future with a promise that parents should be kept in god’s place.