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Babur Biye

Director : Prabir Ganguly

Cast : Tulika Basu, Hritojeet Chottopadhay, Sanchaari Das, Panchanan Banerjee, Priyanka Mishra, Kakon, Arunava Dutta & Others

Babu and his mother form a small nuclear family . After Babu’s father’s death, Babu’s mother has started living alone with Babu at their North Kolkata house. Babu is his mother’s life line. Everything in Babu’s mother’s life, centres around Babu. She doesn’t have anybody else in her life other than her son Babu..all her dreams, her wishes centres around Babu.

Babu’s mother is not only protective about Babu, but she is over possessive about Babu in reality. Since his childhood, Babu always had to do things and take every step in life according to his mother’s choice. Babu has no voice of his own at all.People call him names as Babu is a typical Mother’s son.

During Babu’s college life, his mother had played the successful role of a detective and Babu has never been able to retain a single girl friend or go steady with any of them. In such a situation for any girl to fall in love with Babu and befriend Babu was absolutely impossible.

One day while seeing of an old aunt, Babu and his aunt is attacked by a thief on the empty road and Babu is taken by shock. He has never faced such a situation in his life and just doesn’t know how to handle the situation and save his aunt and himself.Suddenly Payel, a brown belt in Karate comes to their rescue and saves them and handles the thief.Payel’s charisma, her courage immediately appeals to Babu and he falls for Payel.

Babu challenges his friends that within a month’s time he will make his mother make Babu get married to this same girl, Payel, and he will prove all his friends wrong then.

Will Babu be able to win his challenge with his friends..? Will he be able to convince his over-protective mother about Payel..? Does Payel also accept Babu or have the same feeling towards him…?

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